All Files are Zipped ATR's unless noted

HD Tools (for SpartaDOS & compatibles) HD Tools (Christmas 2008 Edition) - A collection of tools and utilities for SpartaDOS & compatibles.   Originally written in 1986 when I got my first hard drive for my Atari 8-bit computer.  Includes a Directory Sorter, File Deleter w/verify, File & Directory Counter (all from the 1986 release) and 2 brand new tools for 2008 - a Check Disk System tool for performing a CHKDSK-like function on up to 9 drives simultaneously; and the newest of the HD tools - ScanDisk - for scanning physical sectors on a disk to find bad ones.

The tools are all written in Atari Basic and compiled with the MMG compiler. - ZIP (40K)   (images)

HDT_0901 - Contains minor additions to FC & KILL for SDX 4.42 compatibility.

ATASCII Telnet Clients
These programs allow you to connect to Atari 8-bit BBSes running on the internet in ATASCII mode using your PC.

AT Telnet 2   v2.10   AT Telnet II Release - This ATASCII Telnet client was originally written by Tom Hunt around 2000.  I took over the project from him around 8 years ago and have been working with it ever since.  Several people have asked for an update to it so I am putting an update here now for anyone that wants to play with it. AT Telnet has been tested under Windows XP and can run under Windows 7 in compatibility mode. - ZIP (3.2mb)
ATS.Zip ATARI Terminal Simulator - Steven Tucker's Windows Telnet Client. A program for accessing Online Internet BBS's in ATASCII mode. - ZIP (900K)

Disk Operating Systems and Utilities

SpartaDOS v3.2f from FTE - full version. (48k) SpartaDOS v3.2g from FTE - My personal favorite.  Probably one of the most powerful DOS's available for the Atari 8-bit computer.  Supports RAMdisks, Hard Drives, and multiple sides and densities.  Contains the .DOS file only. (21k) MyDOS v4.53 - an excellent menu-driven DOS in the same vein as Atari DOS 2.  Supports large disks and RAMdisks. (9k) A collection of utilities and stuff for using the ICD MIO.  Includes formatting utils, Hard disk utils, and general utils. (90k) The ICD MIO manual.  This document was converted to Word format from a scanned copy I found on the internet.  Even though it contains some scanning errors, it is still much nicer than the one I received with my original MIO. MS WORD Document.(42k) SpartaDOS TDLINE.COM modified for Y2K compatibility.  This one displays the right day of week (Sat 01-01-:0) but still puts a colon in place of the first 0 in the year.(2k) SmartDOS v6.1d MachDOS v3.7a CopyAll - an excellent sector copier by Bruce Blake.  Works in HI-Speed with the Happy 1050.  This one will not boot from my US Doubler-ed 1050 (says I need to remove the cart?) but boots fine from Ape or from my Happy 1050. (4k)

 Atari Fonts

The Classic Atari fonts (true-type chunky & smooth versions) for your PC. ZIP (48k)